Our committee is dedicated to saving dogs from kill shelters! Please help join us by fostering a dog , donating to our efforts or adopting one of our adoptable dogs.

We are an all breed rescue, however we specialize in German Shepherd's.

Why german Shepherds? It's simple. Shepherds aren't like other breeds. Many people desire them. They see a police dog or a military dog movie and desire to have one. Whenever a movie comes out we see an influx in people wanting to adopt shepherd's because of the way they look. However many people do not realize they are not an easy breed and we see them in shelter's around 18 months with behavior issues that we have to correct.

Here are some of  what makes a shepherd quirky and special:

They don't fair well in shelters.  They get extremely anxious in a shelter and will often pace or act like they are aggressive when in fact they are just terrified. Completely terrified..If you haven't seen a shepherd in a shelter there just is no accurate way to describe it. It really shakes them to their core to be there.

Many of these dogs are working breeds.  We  get AKC shepherd's out of shelters because  their owners adopted them because of their looks and they really can't handle them. They end up chewing their walls, or just being rambunctious and unable to handle. You really do kind of have to be a shepherd person to understand or at least have some experience with them. Now don't get me wrong there are some shepherds that could go to any owner. We will advertise that on their post. However when we do an adoption we keep our dogs for a minimum of 2 weeks so that way we can guarantee that they are good with kids,cats,chickens in the house etc.  Things do happen every now and then, however our return rate is very very minimal. We garantee our dogs for life meaning if you have issues we will help you train them. Joan has been known to go to people's houses. Typically when we put a dog out, they are trained and if you continue the training they will be a great dog. If you don't continue to train you will end up with a problem dog so it's very important to continue.

But this leads me to my next topic shepherds absolutely need a strong leader You will either have to lead them or they will lead you, and you do not want a 95 pound shepherd leading you, believe me.  Shepherds are hard headed some are high energy and many are working line, so therefore they absolutely have to have a job and if you do not give them a job they will create their own and it won't be one that you desire believe me.

Many people do not know this but shepherds are very mouthy they will often times put your hand in their mouth and this does not mean that they are biting you. They can be anxious and one thing about almost all shepherds is they attach very quickly to their person. And when I say attach I mean like a clingy ex girlfriend. They will literally not leave your side, they will follow you to the bathroom, they will follow you to your bedroom,they will literally follow you everywhere.It's almost like having a Velcro baby. So if you enjoy your space, don't get a shepherd. Some can get extremely anxious when they can't get next to their person.

We are actually opening our sanctuary for emergency intakes only.

We are literally get at getting asked to take 6 to 10 shepherds every week : most of them are shepherds with behavior issues. Our goal for our sanctuary is to have the pups and for short term until we can secure a Foster for them. We don't like to have to turn Shepherds away ever.

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and feed people, rescue animals and visit the elderly

Volunteer Days

The Joy Committee

Pay it forward, spread kindness! 

We are a primarily Shepherd based Rescue. 


We are always seeking volunteers for our adoption events as well as the day's we serve our friends at the mission as well as nursing home visits! 

We volunteer each month through our partnership with the Waterfront Rescue Mission of Pensacola.

We are always seeking volunteers as well as donations.

We also visit nursing homes with our pups. If you feel compelled so serve, please reach out to us! 

We would love to have you!